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Bought a pile of mags and this is all stuff I don’t need as I have a god supply as is. Included were some of the Gen1 or Gen2 “pre ban” Glock 17 and Glock 19 mags. Here is the following list-

Gen1/Gen2 “pre ban” 
2-17 round no hole in base plate-$100 each
2-19 round magazines (factory +2 bases) $100 each
Gen3 10 round 4 mags-$20 each
Gen3 17 round 1 mag-$25
Gen3 19 round (factory +2)-$30
Gen4 17 round 1 mag-$25

Glock 19
Gen1/Gen2 “pre ban”
2-15 round (has hole in base plate)-$100 each
1-15 round magazine (cracked back) $50
1-17 round (factory +2)-$100
Gen4 15 round 2 mags-$25 each 

Glock 22
Gen3 15 round 2-$25 each
Gen3 15 round “Restricted LEO” 5 mags-$25 each
Gen4 15 round 4 mags-$25 each

Glock 18
2-aftermarket 33 round mags $15 each
1-factory 31 round mag $30

Glock 21
Gen3 10 round $25
Gen4 13 round 2 mags $25 each

Glock 30 
Gen3 10 round mag-$25


All prices are OBO and shipping will be added. I will combine shipping and will ship where ONLY these mags are legal. Know your local laws. 

Txt or call (330) 432-4598




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