WTS NIB Unfired Saco Defense M60-E3

Location: Texas

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This Saco Defense Maremount Corporation M60-E3 is new in the original factory box and remains unfired. M60-E3s are rare due to the fact that only 25 E3s ever made it out of the Saco Defense factory as transferable before the May of 1986 cutoff date. Of those E3s that managed to make it out of factory only a handful have remained unfired over the years, this is one of them. The E3s feature enhanced product improvements over standard M60s, featuring a factory drilled gas tube for E3 and higher enhancement kits, 2 hole brass deflector, enhanced barrel latch lever, ghost ring rear sight as opposed to the standard blade and rear notch design, and improved body rivets. This E3 has been upgraded with a new unfired US ORDNANCE E4 kit, bringing the weapon to the MK43 MOD O standard, making the weapon ready for the optic of the buyers choosing. Also included is the original factory box and packaging spacers to hold the weapon and 2 barrels along with the original rust resistant bag numbered to the weapon. Additionally included is the original unfired Saco Maremount E3 long barrel complete cardboard tube liner, unused original padded sling sealed in factory packaging, invoice from October of 1985 showing original transfer date from the factory, and a new spiral bound US ORDNANCE M60 E4/ MK43 MOD O Operator's Manual. Needless to say, the weapon is in pristine condition, and the wax proof mark still remains on the bolt.

Price is $96k. Weapon is currently on a Form 4 in my trust and will require a $200 fee from my trust to your dealer. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Contact with any questions. Additional photos available upon request. 



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