Law Letter Verbiage for Post-86 Really Old SMG's??


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Does anyone have a sample of verbiage that has been successfully used in a Post-86 LE “Law Letter” for old Post-86 SMG’s, like the Thompson, Sten or Reising?  ATF’s  template for these letters has language they like to see along the lines of “explain how these weapons are in common LE use today” (I don’t have it in front of me right now, not sure that is the exact language they use, but it is something like that.)  I'm guessing it’d probably be hard to use that as a justification for these old SMG’s!  Maybe something like a request for training on them in case encountered in the field?  Or…???  I’m trying to get a Post-86 TSMG, a Reising and a Sten transferred in, I think I have a CLEO that’ll write the LE Demo letter, but I want to get the verbiage correct for these old guns as best I can.  Suggestions?

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'Familiarisation and training purposes" has worked for me.

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