WTS: Original USGI M16A1 Barrels, Uppers, Stocks, & Furniture

Location: Enterprise, AL

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WTS: Original USGI M16A1 Barrels, Uppers, Stocks, & Furniture


Prices: As annotated


Shipping: Actual Price


Payment: Paypal plus the fee, venmo, or Zelle 


Contact: Email - PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)





I have several early M16A1 barrels available for sale. All are surplus and will show varying degrees of wear. The bores are in good condition and the finish will show wear consistent with light use. These are ideal for retro builds, they don’t get much better than this. Details are below. 


7 M16A1 20" 1/12" twist barrel assemblies. 6 are marked with a C and MP indicating production between 1967-1969.  The remaining barrel is marked with a C MP C indicating production between 1969-1971 with a chrome lined chamber.  None of them have had their front sights removed (pins still factory new), and the delta ring is in good condition with strong spring tension. Some have flash hiders, some dont. Refer to the photos for additional info. 


    - C MP marked barrels - All SPF

    - C MP C marked barrel - SPF













I also have some M16A1 furniture.  I have 2 matching fore end sets in good condition which show nothing more than light scratching. They are complete and free of cracks / damage. 


    - Fore end sets - $75 ea






Im down to my last A1 stock. It is the un numbered unit pictured and includes the original buffer tube, butt plate, and screws. This piece does have some painted unit numbers along the comb and the remains of paint on the sides. All in all a pretty cool piece with some definite service history. 


    - Stock - $110








I have 4 M16A1 upper receivers. They have all seen service, but are in good condition. All of the rear sights are present, two have their forward assists and dust covers, one only has the forward assist, and the last has no dust cover or forward assist.  None have factory markings, except for the stripped one that has a faint triangle proof mark which I’m guessing is for LM government contract.  The other 3 are likely SAK government contract units. Perfect for builds!


    -Uppers - ALL SPF





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