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These Post-86 Dealer Sample machine guns are being sold as a no law letter gun as we will not be renewing our ffl or sot come July 1st. As per ATF § 479.105 (f), a MANUFACTURER or IMPORTER FFL with a valid and current SOT may take possession of this machine gun WITHOUT the need for a law enforcement demonstration letter. Type 01 Dealers with a SOT may also purchase, but will require a law enforcement demonstration request letter in order to take possession of this item. We will efile the form 3 for faster approval. 


Additional photos or videos available upon request. 


TRADES: I am open to trades! I'm interested in pre sample "keeper" or transferable machine guns. If you would like to make a trade offer or cash offer close to the listed price, please contact me. 


Payment for these items are to be sent via wire transfer or bank/personal/business checks or usps money orders. Checks may be held up to 14 days to clear before filing the form 3.


First Up for grabs is a browning m2hb belt fed 50 cal. Also known as the browning m2 or the MA Deuce. This Gun was built on a KMP side plate and is a registered receiver gun. Was built using original browning m2 parts and runs great.

A few high wear items were replaced as well as all new springs were installed as the originals were 60+ years old. A new old stock Sabre defense stellite/chrome lined barrel, a new usgi current issue buffer assembly, nos rear sight assembly and nos retracting slide group were all sourced to update it to modern components. The original blued/nitride barrel is included but it has seen heavy use over the years. Still passes bullet test but no way to gage wear. Does have some minor external and inner pitting. 

The trunnion, top and bottom plate and the left side plate all feature the same assembly serial number meaning they all came from one original gun. Original manufacturer was Rock Island Armory with 1.1 million serial number which would put it somewhere in mid to late 1940s from my estimates. The remaining parts feature various manufacturer codes from HS to AC to K. This Gun has had the bolt hold open parts installed which allows you to shoot the gun in single shot as well as full auto. 

The gun also has a stainless steel trunnion protector to protect the trunnion from wear or damaged from the steel links while in use. An Israeli barrel carrier is installed on the Sabre defense barrel as well. Included but not pictured is also a nos m12 hand held linker/delinker as well as a set of headspace and timing gages.

This will also include a military issue m3 tripod assembly, pintile and t&e. No reproduction parts here. All 3 parts have various assembly numbers and are in good shape. Tripod has never been demilled and legs extend with no issues. However during shipping, the front leg lock bolt sheared off. Replacement can be had for less than $15 but it does not affect functionality so I have not replaced it yet. 

Price on this with items listed above is $29,000. semi auto guns are bringing upwards of 25k and tripod assemblies going for  2-3k. . This is a heavy and bulky item. Please reach out regarding shipping details. If asking price is met, I would be willing to deliver/meet within an 8-9 hour drive from 37846. 


Additional photos can be viewed here:




Next up for grabs is a browning 1919a4 in 7.62 nato. This was built using an Israeli converted kit on a halo mfg sideplate with original period correct clone markings. Halo mfg arguably makes some of the best 1919 side plates and their info is just inside the top cover. This is a registered receiver Machine Gun. The bren tripod or the adapter is NOT included at this price, but may be available for purchase separately. 

This kit features all steering gear manufacturer marked parts as pictured by the SG marked parts. At some point in time the original gun was sent to Israel and converted to .308/7.62x51 nato. Top cover, cartridge stops and booster were modified to run with the shorter cartridge and a new chrome lined barrel was made for the guns and a few other minor changes were made to work with 7.62x51. 

internals and bore are in excellent condition. No damage or high wear. Does includ a stainless steel trunnion protector to protect the trunnion from wear from the use of steel links.

A few high wear items as well as all brand new springs were installed as the originals were all 60+ years old. As pictured, this Gun will come with a multitude of accessories as pictured. It will include 
-2500 Israeli links
-israeli stock, bipod, and carry handle
-original cleaning kit and pouch
-a6 flash hider/booster
-and a variety of small replacement parts. All SG marked
-usgi combo tool
-aluminum 20 round link loader

not pictured but available for purchase with the gun is an 8mm conversion kit. This includes a front cartridge stop, front booster cap and the 8mm barrel that will even work with the longer bullets of yugo 8mm. AvailabAvaalongside the 8mm conversion is 3750 rounds of 1980s brass cased yugoslavian 8mm mauser on browning 1919 links in 250 round ammo cans. (15 total cans). These feature a 196gr projectile and brass case and has been 100% reliable and surefire. The 80s yugo is tons better than than shitty 50s-60s yugo. It is corrosive. 

Price on the package minus tripod and 8mm conversion kit is $7000. The bren tripod and the adapter are fairly uncommon items and can be added to the package for an additional $1500 but it is not for sale otherwise.  However if you do not, m2 tripod assemblies can be found for about $7-800. And the 8mm conversion can be purchased for $4000 which is $1 per round and $250 for the conversion parts. This can be sold with or without the gun. 

Again, this package is bulky and heavy. If asking price is met on the gun alone, I will deliver/meet within a 3-4 hour drive, and if you want the gun and ammo 5-6 hour drive. Otherwise we can work out shipping details. 



Additional photos can be viewed here:




And finally up For grabs is a DNA Guns LLC M16 receiver assembly. These receivers were m16 cut from the beginning so no crappy conversion here. Receiver is marked Safe, Semi, Auto. This features a standard mil spec full auto fire control group. Standard milspec spring and Buffer installed as well. Will include a magpul moe stock and pistol grip. 

We have 2 (two) of these complete lower assemblies available. These have consecutive serial numbers but are identical otherwise. Our manufacturer mark is located just below the original makers marks on the right side above the fcg pins. 

With other No demo letter M16 receivers that are stripped and going for nearly $1800 alone, here is your opportunity to get a complete one ready to have your upper slapped on it with no additional work!


 Price for these are $1800 each. If asking price is met, we will cover shipping and insurance on these items. If you're local, we can deliver them. 


Additional photos can be viewed here:



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