WTB: M14 or M1A transferrable

Location: Charlotte NC

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Looking for shooter M14 or M1A transferrable.  I am NOT interested in any museum pieces.  Thanks

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I have a Smith Ent bought new from Ron Smith (Smith Ent) in 1989 all matching Winchester parts - I have it setup in a NEW Sage EBR in Navy gray here is a picture - really never used as a machine gun - if you want a cheap reweld this is not it, these stocks are hard to get anymore & every M14 I have looked at was a Frankenstein mess - This is forged like USGI M14 not cast SA M1A china junk.

Has a Smith Ent brake for sound sup.

I am in Pa. this is on a form 4

I have Semi Armscorp LRB or Bula but probably not what you seek ;)



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