CZ 75 "Pre B" Mfgr'd in 1985 with 3 original mags. Now $550.⁰⁰

Location: Idaho

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Pre B CZ-75 made in 1985 Czechoslovakia. Received in trade years ago. It's 100% reliable during the couple hundred rounds I've fired it. No issues other than cosmetics. Finish is chipped and worn on the high spots & edges. It's not pretty but It's dead nuts reliable with any 9mm ammunition ;)

Comes with three original factory 15 round mags. (It's very hard to find pre-B original mags) Importer marked "LSY DEFENSE ". $550.00 DELIVERED to original 48 states via UPS or Fed-Ex, USPS. 

USPS MO, cashiers or personal checks (held) ok. My Idaho FFL to your FFL.



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