WTS: 9mm, 45acp, 5.56, 223, 30-06

Location: Chesterfield County SC

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Prices are shipped with the exception of the 30-06 (111lbs) arrangements will need to be made for it. Local pick-up is fine for everything. More to be added. 

The following is available: 

30-06 M2 AP Saint Louis Ordnance ~1943 *Sealed Crate* 1344rds in enbloc clips $3500.00

9mm Magtech 115gr FMJ - $700.00/1000rd case 
9mm Sellior and Bellot 124gr FMJ - $700.00/1000rd case
9mm Winchester 115gr FMJ - $375.00/500rd case
9mm Federal American Eagle 115gr - $375/500rd case
9mm CCI Blazer Brass 115gr  - $725.00/1000rd case

45acp Winchester 230gr FMJ - $425.00/500rd case
45acp CCI Blazer Brass 230gr FMJ  - $850.00/1000rd case 

5.56 Winchester M855 "Green Tip" 62gr - $875.00/1000rd case
223 GGG 55gr FMJ in ammo can - $875.00

7.62X51 Magtech M80 147gr FMJ linked $600.00/500rd

7.62X39 Wolf 8M3 124gr HP $600.00/1000rd case

Additional 9mm available from 115gr.-158gr. Winchester, CCI, Federal, Speer, Armscor, PPU, Remington, etc...






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