WTS : M_7 & M-8 grenade launchers

Location: Yuma , AZ.

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Gentlemen :
I am offering up for sale a M-8 M-1 Carbine grenade launcher . I had to unwrap it to take pictures and determine the manufacturer . It was made by the US Cabinet Bed Company , the rarest of the manufacturers with only 41,680 delivered .
Due to condition and rarity I'm asking $900 plus $20 shipping and ins .




am also offering up for sale a new unused M-7 for an M-1 Garand . These have become rare to find in this condition with the last clean one I found going for $150 a few months ago from a reputable dealer . This M-7 was made by HSMCO ( Hawley - Smith ).
I am asking $200 plus $15 shipping .




Thanks for looking , Chris

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