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Well its that time again-time for the Ohio State SubGun Match at Tusco Rifle Club in Midvale Ohio-June 19th. I am planning to limit the shooting to 60 runs or 30 shooters (2 runs per shooter same as last year) IF you want to make more runs than that, we will talk about that. I will be running the following classes-


I know that with the ammo crunch it’s painful to blast a pile of ammo so I’m keeping that in mind. I’m working to come up with challenging, yet Ammo friendly stage. The plan is to run one class in the morning and then one in the afternoon. This will be setup as 3 squads and 3 stages. IF I can get some extra help I might be able to have a 4th stage on a different range. 

5320.20 info-
Tusco Rifle Club 
2130 Midvale Mine Road
Dennison Ohio 44621

Any questions reach out at (330) 432-459eight

And there will NOT be any hidden stars this year :-)

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