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WTS HK Barrels 94/MP5/51/33K

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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I have the following HK Barrels 94/MP5/51/33 for sale. All barrels are used take-offs unless noted. All barrels are $15.00 shipping

Qty. 14 HK94 Barrels Original take off barrels and date coded IH5V and IH5H. Bores are excellent, surfaces wear but easily cleaned up. $265.00/each

Qty. 2 HK SP89 original barrels, bores are mint. date codes 9W1R, 8N1J $275.00/each

Qty 1 HK MP5K-PDW 3 lug Threaded barrels used bore good date code IF1T $250.00

Qty 2 HK MP5 barrels non-threaded used date codes IECA $200.00/each

Qty 3 HK MP5 3 lug barrels used bores great date codes B5JC, G7JC, IG3W $250.00/each

Qty 1 HK MP5 threaded no sight hood bore good date code IDCA $250.00

Qty 1 HK MP5 threaded sight hood bore good date code IECA $250.00

Qty 1 HK MP5 w/sight hood and double threaded date code IDCA $250.00

Qty 1 HK 33K w/sight hood threaded date code IBP $350.00

Qty 1 RCM MP5 barrel NEW $140.00

Qty 2 RCM MP5 barrel 3 lug and threaded NEW $150.00/each

Qty 1 RCM MP5K-N 3 lug and threaded NEW $160.00

Qty 1 RCM HK51 8 3/8” threaded, used but excellent bore $75.00

Mike Piazza







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^^ Long Range...if you come across another MP5k-PDW barrel I'll like to buy it.



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