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WTS Water-Cooled Jacket & Barrel .50 BMG Movie Prop

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

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Have for sale a Water-Cooled movie prop jacket and barrel. Jacket came from Stembridge movie rentals with a Colt sideplate and parts kit many years ago. This jacket was used in multiple WWII movies. Jacket was professionally made and looks excellent and will thread on barrel extension but it will NOT work to build a functioning water-cooled gun. Great for a display gun ONLY. It weighs as much as an original water jacket. The barrel is a turned down heavy barrel and is a display ONLY. Not a functioning barrel. Barrel will need to be turned down more to fit inside jacket.

Mike Piazza



$700.00 OBROGEDC2209.JPG.1989c1003657221c14f6b594e67GEDC2210.JPG.18def1cbea8937b2e5b457fd710GEDC2211.JPG.fb7010e38adbdbc20ee9ea28ff7GEDC2212.JPG.a2bb003be093b86f4dcee530b89GEDC2213.JPG.8920117e1bb49a58b5bc5114b10GEDC2214.JPG.e7c9a130c0ae34e891e8f1f9747GEDC2215.JPG.4d1142962b67b5fd8bcb2cca9ae + shipping

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