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WTS PRE/POST Samples and parts kits $500-$11,000

Location: Maine

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There may be others in these categories, that I have not yet listed.
Please email me what you need in parts kits, pres/posts/transferables

            POST-86-Dealer Samples . All NFA Rules Apply
All guns come with either one mag or belt.
Law letter required for post 86.

M16 Olympic machinegun. (Bbl is 10.5 in. $1200)
M16 Olympic lower for $700 can be bought separate if you want
ZB37 8mm Mauser Ground mount included $3000
ZB30 8mm Mauser. $2000
ZB26 8mm Mauser. $2000           
MP5 Trigger Pack w housing $500 obo

           PRE86 DEALER SAMPLES- All NFA Rules Apply
These are for Class III (SOT) dealers. Law letter not required.
Walther MPL w mag and extra bbl & bolt $6000.00
HK33 .223 $11,000.00

                        PARTS KITS (great for backup for pre86 or xferable-also for C2/07 manufacturers
ZB37  $1600
ZB30  $1200
ZB24  $1000
M60   $5000 – has many duplicates, including barrels, tripods, bolts, op rods etc  M60 PARTS ARE SOLD
Other machinegun parts kits as well.
I just did not have time to go thru them yet.
Perhaps, if interested, you could let me know what you need or want.


Email or phone 207) 476-0000 daily 9AM-7PM Eastern

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Sent you a E-mail

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I have done business with Ivan and he is first class and some.  Anyone dealing with Ivan will be pleased.  Jim

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