WTS 30 round 9mm Uni-Clip stripper clips for Rapid Loaders 50 cents each plus shipping

Location: Houston, TX

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I have a couple hundred of the plastic 30 round 9mm Uni-Clip stripper clips for use with 9mm Rapid Loaders and the original metal Swedish K stripper clip loader. These aren't as good as the original Swedish metal 36 round stripper clips, but they work well and are actually quite sturdy/robust. I am asking $.50 each plus shipping-the shipping will obviously vary based on the quantity ordered. I also have a TON of the Tec-9 Rapid Loaders. With a bit of modification with a file or a Dremel, these loaders can be made to work on the 36 round Suomi/Swedish K mags or Sterling mags. I am asking $5.00 each plus shipping for the loaders.




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