MG Dave

WTS: UZI 9mm B&G Bolt in Group Ind UZI Host

Location: Maryland

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For sale is a transferable B&G 9mm UZI Bolt in a Group Industries UZI host. Bolt is currently on a form 4 in Maryland and is not married to the host. Sear & Host weapon are in good condition in and out.

Transferable bolt, Group Ind host with one (1) mag for 14K. Buyer pays all taxes and shipping to your dealer.

Please use email for details:


B&G Bolt in Group Ind Host RS View.JPG

B&G Bolt # 692 LS View.JPG

B&G Bolt Bottom Front View.JPG

B&G Bolt Removed form Group Ind Host RS View.JPG

Group Ind Host.JPG

B&G Form 4 Bottom Page.JPG

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