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HK23e all German Build w/DLO box

Location: Ohio

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MM23-E on Form 4 in Ohio (See Price Below)

MM23-E Full German build w/DLO box parts and accessories. Trigger Group (4 position) 0-1-3-F. The gun has probably been fired less than 500 rnds.  German parts are becoming increasingly harder to find if at all and current build time from MM is months.  This is a 100% accurate factory build from Michaels Machines.

MM23-E comes with:

  •       2 MM manufactured barrels, in addition to the unfired OEM German heavy barrel

  •       Factory HK23-E Bipod

  •       Two 100rnd nut sacs

  •       Factory HK Forward Grip

  •       Factory HK23-E Sling

  •       MM23-E Belt Box NIW

  •       M-27 links (~2500)

  •       Boyt hard case

  •       Additional HK Roller locking piece for suppressed shooting and Rugged Surge muzzle break

  •       Additional OEM parts and accessories

  •       Rugged Surge 7.62 can be added for +850 (plus tax stamp)

MM Build Details

Information on the HK23E German build process.
The receiver is a German HK91 pre-ban rifle.
It is carefully cut apart to allow the parts from a German HK23E de- milled parts
kit to be installed. The front end of the HK23E is carefully disassembled by removing
the old cut receiver sheet metal by his proprietary method. This method allows the rear collar/
shroud and trunnion to remain factory welded and assembled as it left Germany. This also
give the most accurate reproduction of a factory gun. The 91 is mated and the side rails and trigger housing installed. It then is checked for parts fitment  and assembly. When checked out it is then blasted and parkerized. The final finish is applied (Dura-coat HK black) which is the truest color match for HK weapons. After drying for about a week all parts are installed and then it is test fired. This build also included the conversion of a DLO pack to 3rb which is the way all E guns came. The E guns have a special one piece catch/trip that is different than other HK's. The fact that a DLO box is used allows this factory catch/trip to be utilized and work the matching carrier trip that would not work with other registered HK sears.

Price for everything is $62,000 (+850 if adding Rugged Surge) and I will pay one $200.00 transfer tax if suppressor is purchased as well.  Open to partial trade for M3A1 Grease Guns. All NFA rules apply. 

Email me for additional information/ pictures/ videos

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