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If you can believe ANYTHING in this day of mass political disinformation, pedo Joe is promising a sxit load of executive acts on his first day in office. Does that thought disgust you as much as it does me?? A bulk of these illegal orders will violate the 2nd amendment like you have never seen.

Anyway, even though ammo is non-existent at the moment, all those putting off a purchase of your favorite semi plus the associated mags  better get going RIGHT NOW while you still can.

Besides this moron's upcoming executive orders this SFB criminal has plans on implementing in deference to our 2nd amendment rights, in addition, the banks and credit card companies are one by one falling line with the incoming commies , refusing to complete firearms transaction and related gear. Cancelling commercial CC accts for those selling firearms and ammo. These communist bastards are pulling the stops to prevent you from exercising your 2nd amendment rights!!!.

Buy as much as you can now, bury or hide a last ditch weapon of your choice and ammo. Don't forget buying a water purification system, Katydyn is #1! 

Remember loose lips sink ships, tell no-one your plan except immediate family and close friends. Now howz' that for dating myself? Guys this is getting ready to be very serious. This is NOT like when Clinton, or the "bath house" monkey boy took the White House. It's far worse. Don't put preparation off any longer. Develop a plan to survive what's coming, and it is coming, like it or not.



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