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After moving here to Maine, thought I'd get the law straight from the source after reading too much b.s. online about Tannerite this and Tannerite that in Maine, it's  illegal, you can't have it... blah, blah, blah ad nauseum. Comments made mostly by morons from the corrupt news networks that have no clue.

So, I emailed the Maine State Fire Marshalls office and received a response very quickly.

Here's the current law for use of exploding targets in Maine according to Title25, subsection #2472. 

You may possess and use up to 5 lbs of "MIXED" explosive targets for immediate use.

So no more 6.5 Richter scale  ammonium nitrate earthquakes now, unless you want to get arrested.

And BTW, it's YOU MORONS that set off ridiculously large amounts that shake whole communities, posting it on YouTube thinking how funny it is, then wonder what happened, after ruining it for the rest of us..

Thanks a lot Larry, Moe and Curly?. Or was that Darrell, Darrell and Darrell??

No limit on unmixed products,(I won't list them here for obvious reasons, but you know what they are) and of course we all know by Federal law, you are not permitted to store activated targets mixed and ready to go BOOM!

Now that said, you must make sure your county, town or unincorporated town in Maine does not have LOCAl restrictions on the use of exploding targets.

This is not meant to be legal advice, you must do your own research, but I've listed the correct Maine statute, check it out Mainers.



Now back to being super pissed about the stolen election!!!!!!!



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