SOT surrender Post-Sample disposal timeline?


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Hello all,

New to the forum and happy to be here. I have googled this topic rarely extensively and didn't get any insight. Sorry if it has already been addressed:

I'm an SOT and I'm purchasing a Post-Sample MG from an FFL who is planning to drop his SOT but retain his FFL. 

I've read Chapter 14 of the NFA handbook, but it doesn't specifically state a timeline for an SOT to dump his inventory. Does anyone have any guidance for us? The seller is planning to attach a letter to his eForm 3 stating that he is dropping his SOT (I'm assuming at annual expiration). Is 6 months too far in advance for him to transfer a post '86 to me without a Law Letter?

Any advice on the subject in general? Does the letter need send to anyone other than simply attaching to the eForm3?

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