WTS : West Hurley 1928 Thompson

Location: Yuma , Arizona

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Gentlemen ;

I am offering up for sale my West Hurley 1928 Thompson .45 acp and it's Merle .22 conversion kit .

As you can tell it is in excellent shape and I test fired it last weekend , running 4 50rd drums and 5 20rd magazines with no gun problems ( did have 5 dead primers ) . 

Gun comes with 4 50rd drums and about 40 assorted 20 and 30 round stick magazines . It also comes with about 10 Black Dog .22 stick magazines .

Asking 19,995 plus shipping and tax .

It is on a Form 4 in Arizona .



I also failed to note that this gun had started to work too well . It started to fire a round after the trigger was released , occasionally , then often , then two or three shots . Replacing all the guts did not solve the problem , so I replaced the lower receiver ( can't remember if USGI or commercial Thompson manufacture ) and the problem was solved .

Also note that the original threaded and glued muzzle brake ( got tired of spending hours cleaning it out after every outing ) was replaced with a ring front sight . The barrel threads underneath are still there if you wish to convert back , but I wouldn't IMHO .

Thanks , Chris


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Forgot to list modifications - Changed to West Hurley

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This firearm is a West Hurley, not a NAC. Post needs to be corrected with proper information. IMO

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Changed . Numrich started AOC in West Hurley , was not attempting to deceive .

Double Tap  , PMs not going through or I'm too stupid to access them . E-mail me at ottsparts AT hotmail DOT com or call me at 928 dash 783 dash 0113 M-F 9-4 AZ time .

Thanks , Chris 

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