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WTB an AK-47...intended for shooting, not being a safe queen, so finish/original parts/matching numbers not an issue...I would prefer a straight stock, but under folder/side folder would be perfectly fine as in hand buyer, however, I have an unfired since returning from RDTS Pre 86 DS HK53 that could be traded as part of a cash/trade deal if you were interested...thanks for your time, and have a great day


-Patchez (HKBJJ)

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I noticed you stated your looking for a full stock AK, have cash and are willing to travel? I currently have a full stock Chinese Norinco AKM-47S in 7.62x39 on a F4 in PA. I am coincidering selling the gun to finance other hobbies if I can get what I want for it. No functionality issues. Rate reducer installed. Bolt guide rail is cut (vs. slotted) for sear but doesn't hinder reliabilty. Numbers matching 1985 factory build serial number M85013XXX. Has Norinco emblem stamp on left side under trunion. Imported by Sile, NY. Convertion done by Hard Times Armory. Wood has handling marks and dents but good overall condition with good Lacquer sheen finish. Pistol grip came loose during firing so I added blue lock tight and have had no further issues. Has Russian sling. As your probably aware full stock AK's don't come up for sale too often. Can send pictures. Make offer if interested. 

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