Colt M16A1 in Georgia

Location: Loganville, GA

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Hello Everyone,

I am selling my M16A1.  I purchased it from Clyde Armory a few years ago; I believe it was an Athens PD trade in gun.  It's just as it came to me, with the addition of a KAC ambi selector; the original selector is included.  EDIT: I removed the ambi-selector.  The Colt factory selector is back in it.  It's in pretty good shape with rubs on the furniture and a few nicks in the metal hear and there, but nothing that would make me think it's been abused. I certainly took great care of it and it is in, and always was in perfect working condition.  I used a Daniel Defense 14.5 gun as a donor then entire time I owned it, so while the original upper/buffer system, furniture is not unfired, it only has a couple mags thru it from me.  Just gave it a detailed cleaning for the pictures.  No surprises.  I'd be glad to text you specific pictures; send me a message at 7-7-0-6-one-seven-1-two-nine-1.  I'm also available, of course, to talk on the phone.   I've done a few other NFA trades in the past three years, so I have a complete knowledge of the process - sold a Group/Vector UZI, an M10/9, M10/45, a couple M11/9, and some SBRs; some here, some locally.

I'll cover the first stamp to your dealer as well as Registered USPS (lock and key) to your dealer.  If you want to inspect it in person, that is encouraged.

I'm asking $27,000;  come back at me if this is not the market rate and I'll be glad to look at your links or documentation for negotiation.  I'm not interested in any trades at this time.

Thanks for looking, Jeff










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Please use PM for negotiations as to not clog up the add and mislead others not knowing if the item is still for sale or not.

Regarding your offers, No I am firm at $27,000.   I have two offers at that number and I'll close the ad when the money is in hand.

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