WTB: Threaded barrel for Beretta 92FS 9mm

Location: VA

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Merry Christmas to everyone,

I am looking for a threaded barredl for a Beretta 92FS 9mm.

Seems like every place I look says "out of stock".

Does anyone have an idea who might have one available?

Thanks in advance.


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Did you try Jarvis?

I think Ayoob said, the rifling in a 6" Jarvis will match velocity with an 8.85 MP5 barrel with same load. If true,  not such a benefit for staying subsonic.  Naked though,  those are nice numbers for a sidearm. His was Magnaported like a hunting revolver,  the effect of a comp without the presence of one, is another thing that interests me.


I'm trying to find out the thinnest G10 grips available, from the half dozen or so makers 

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Sir, thanks for the reply.  

Yes, I looked at Jarvis: lots of options / high quality / but also a very high end price

I was hoping to find a "full sized" factory threaded barrel at a "more reasonable" price but they just seem to be in the "out of stock" category everywhere that I look.

Gunbroker has LOTS of "compact" threaded barrels but no "full size" variants.

Silencerco had a variant but they are "out of stock" so I have taken to calling random gun dealers who handle suppressors and mounts and I ask if they have any barrels in stock (i.e., not listed on their websites) but that has not yet proved useful.

I will just keep on looking and maybe some kind soul on this board will find an extra one sitting on their parts bench.....

Happy New Year!


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I have a never used Beretta 92 threaded bbl new in box.$200, plus $10-shipping

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