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Reloading for the B.A.R.


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I’ve reloaded 30-06 for the M1 Garand and know to be careful with certain powders as the op rod Can easily be damaged with improper Bullet weight/powder combinations. 

I’ve never heard anything about the m1918a2 bar. Does the bar have a weakness to some powder/Bullet combo’s?  So far the machine gun has eaten everything I’ve loaded for it using imr4320 and h380 behind 147gr fmj’s.  I’ve loaded a few with h450 54gr under a 147gr fmj. This recipe functions the weapon fine but sounds a bit odd. Round makes more of a crack as opposed to to the normal deeper sounding thud the gun usually makes. Primers look a bit flattened but still some rounding on the edges with no cratering.   Am I using way to slow of a powder?  I don’t want to damage the weapon or myself.   My old speed manual lists h450 for 30-06 and gives data showing 58gr to 63gr with a 150gr fmj.  My load is way under these figures so I think it’s safe. However I wanted to ask here to see if maybe I’m missing something. Better to be safe than sorry. 









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