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RDIAS for sale.  Please note the following:
Excellent condition Steel Norrell RDAIS for sale with 3 spare trips (and all 4 trips made by M60 Joe).
Asking price is $42K or best offer.
Purchased this Steel RDIAS from Frank at MidWest Tactical back in the 2011/2012 timeframe.  After it was transferred to my FFL, my FFL shipped it to M60 Joe to have all 4 trips made.
FYI, I looked long and hard for a RDIAS back then and passed on a number of them because they looked fairly worn out and beaten.  It has been a while, but I think there were about 5 RDIAS that the pricing was agreeable to me, but M60 Joe told me to wait for a better one when I emailed him the super detailed/close-up pics.
M60 Joe did point out to newbie me that the replaceable parts like the trip and the spring didn't really matter at all.  And that the key was the holes in which the trip would sit on (as the trip itself would take the beating), and I had to make sure that particular area was in great shape.  
The counter argument being anything metal he could fix it, but you guys know better so I ain't gonna preach to the choir...  Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.
It was mostly used in my HK416 uppers (mated to MR556 lowers).  
Full Auto trips to the gun range were definitely a blast back then, and I have lots of pics and videos I am more than happy to share with serious buyers.   The thing still runs flawlessly, but kids/family and other hobbies means less time on Full Auto Fridays.  And definitely less justification for me to own 2 RDIAS moving forward.
My username is Drooler on HKPro for pics and vids I posted over the years so hopefully less vs. more concerns I am a scammer.
Unlike my other RDIAS (which I am keeping) that has the registration number professionally stamped into the RDIAS itself, the registration on this RDIAS looks like a kid used a knife to carve the registration number onto the RDIAS.
Back then, my biggest fear is that the registration number would get worn out, in which case I end up with a super duper expensive paper weight.
Over the years, there were 2 sales that did not go through at the last moment for whatever reason including one buyer unable to make the payment despite an agreement on the price (agreed upon price of ~$20K??).  
On the flip side, I do understand that a potential buyer wants to make sure I am not a scammer and I totally respect that.
So assuming a buyer likes the RDIAS I have and wants to buy it after doing lots and lots of due diligence, there are 2 possible solutions:
A.  Solution A
Wire the funds to me.
B.  Solution B
Wire the funds to a registered FFL.
My FFL, who is based in Wisconsin and arranged the transfer and all the legal paperwork back in 2012, is willing to the entity that arranges the transaction, but he won't be doing it for free and will want a fee which we can discuss if there is interest. 
Hope the above makes sense.  Please post here or PM me if any questions.





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Thanks to everybody who reached out to me.  The folks have been very professional and super responsive.  It has been a pleasure.  Fingers crossed I don't have to/want to sell my other RDIAS, but if I do I know which site to post it on!

One thing I learned that I was not aware is that M60 Joe has retired, which is a massive bummer.  Best of luck to everybody who is looking to purchase a RDIAS.   

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