DLO An-M2 belt fed MG Colt Mfg. $21,000 Form4

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<h4>COLT IS THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER......UNFIRED and unassembled DLO AN-M2 belt fed machinegun. This is a prize as it has never been assembled. May or may not be missing small parts but DLO did send all he had..  Since 1996 this has been stored properly and most parts are still cosmoline covered. --- NO RUST.  This has been a ONE OWNER gun and it is now first time offered for sale..

Shipping additional 150.00..   I will pay first 200.00 tax to owner upon good funds.. I am a retired C-2 dealer  selling off old inventory and have 200 references if needed. YOU may inspect gun at our local PD if needed.  This AN-M2 is the best of DLO's guns. I have another that has fired 15K rounds without a hitch at all.  This has a 30-06 barrel as supplied by DLO  and a  8MM barrel made from a MG34 barrel ..  Invest in a good gun. . </h4>

DSCN2558 (Medium) (Small).JPG

DSCN2586 (Small).JPG

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Who is listed as the Mfg? Colt or DLO? On the rear of the right side plate is the rail riveted on or is the recess cut for the spades assembly milled into the plate?




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DLO..   I also have BRAND new 30/06 barrel, a shot 8mm converted barrel( made from  a MG34 Barrel)  and a new 308 barrel to go with it along with the 30/06 barrel DLO supplied.

It is one of the 200 DLO 7mm Colt Aircraft guns that were meant to be exported. Doug bought them  and sold them in 30/06. This was originally bought from Doug in 1987 by me.  It looks like the plate was milled for the spades. to me.  Provenance goes with the gun.  It came in a parts situation and not assembled.. May be missing something but I don't know.  Many parts still have cosmoline. 






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This gun probably has not been shot since it left DLO.. I don't have the need/time nor care to assemble the parts.. I am over 70 and with ammo prices I have given up on machine guns.. As a Retired C3/C2 Mfg and dealer back in the day I retained 200 higher quality Machine guns from my inventory to me personally and am putting them out one or two at a time to finance my retirement.  When the friends I made in the business started dying off it took the wind out of my sails so to speak..  None will be cheap but all will be top of the line. 


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