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MK Arms Info Wanted on MK760 guns


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Hello all. I have 2 MK 760 guns that are a bit different from one another.

One has a "P" prefix while the other has an "S" Prefix. The Sling Loops & Manufacture info are not in the same location, and this is the really wierd part.

The Mod. Numbers on the "S" Prefix "Stamped" into the frame while the "P" Prefix gun is Raised in Highlite? Why I don't know. 

I am looking for any info on these guns that I can get. Both are as new and will be going up for sale next year. Thanks everyone. Jeff

MK760 2 M.jpg

MK760 2 N.jpg

MK760 1 4.jpg

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The MK Arms prefix codes are as follows:

S = Submachinegun

P= Pistol

C = Carbine

In the days leading up to the Hughes Amendment, MK Arms started turning their carbines and pistols into registered submachineguns, trying to get as many full auto guns into the registry as possible. 

As far as the markings, I think they had different lettering styles at different times. I believe the Fruithurst (Alabama) guns had a roll-marked logo and a lot, if not most, of the Irvine (California) guns had the raised logo. 

My MK760 is one of the first sixty produced in Irvine, CA and it does not have an "MKA" logo. It is just stamped "MK Arms Inc Irvine, CA USA" on the left side and "Mod. MK760 SMG 9MM" on the right side. I've been waiting on a FOIA for it for the past friggin' year, because I am interested to see when it was registered. I am thinking it was in either mid-late 1983 or early 1984.

What serial number range is your S-prefix gun in? It has to be after mine but not too far away from it. 

I love my MK760. She's been around the block several times, but she runs like a scalded cat. 

Not much information, but I hope it helps somewhat. 



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Both of these are "Irvine CA." Guns.

My "P" prefix gun is Serialed under 20 !! I believe it is new or has never ever been shot. It has the "Raised" Lettering everywhere and is Select Fire too..

My "S" Series gun is under 150 and everything was Stamped into the Receiver everywhere.


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