Once fired Brass 5.7 & 45acp

Location: Tulsa Ok

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190 pieces of once fired 5.7 brass and 43 pieces of 45acp once fired. Asking $70 dollars shipped. I can provide more feedback if needed. Located TulsaOK6-A9-BA3-E3-F4-C9-4-A37-951-D-D37-EF624- 9-B68-C87-C-9187-4-CFD-964-F-6-D0066-FDA 27-A0763-D-BCEB-46-BB-937-C-37-D5-DDFB08 097-D3-B5-D-81-C1-4-DD9-9-B21-BCC4335-C9 DB856-CEF-5-E66-4-F24-9-E2-B-F3-DB10-E0- 9-F327196-2-F15-4496-8363-897-D872-FD7-F

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