Of Covid and carpetbaggers.....


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Well it's been about 2 months at the new home in Maine, and we love it here. Maine is  wide open, people are great and nobody f's with you. People here just do their thing and let you do the same. 180 deg out from Northern Virginia where everyone lives 5 houses to a driveway, must adhere to absurd HOA rules and march in bootstep with the rest of the lemmings, or you become a  social pariah or worse. 

Yes there are some liberal asshats in Maine , mostly in Portland, and even Skowhegan , but here in the Kennebec Valley it's Trump Country and the signs are STILL everywhere. Loggers, hunting guides, log truck jockey's, rough but hard working folk.

We bought last year before the Chinese Communist rat fxcks, Democratic party traitors, and the intelligence community conspired to intentionally bring covid to the USA as part of their long term plan to steal the Presidential Election of 2020, that's a story for another time.

Prices were low and houses were everywhere to buy. That has changed dramatically now. Not too many homes with property, and the prices are now being bid up over asking prices, a la the 2008 housing market crash.

Seems like they never learn, or do they? Almost like they do it intentionally...Hmmm?

Around October 2020,we noticed an inordinate number of Mass-A Chews-ZIt license plates here in our part of Maine complete with their well documented egotistic, psychotic drivers behind the wheel to boot! Joy, lucky Maine.

God these people are just f-ing OBNOXIOUS!!!

N.J. drivers got nothing on these assclowns.

Anywho...we are hearing from almost all of our new business contacts and the locals that these covid carpetbaggers, since they are so special, ignore all of the Covid rules here in Maine and drive here to get out of their own covid infected crap-hole state.

Completely disregarding the quarantine order by the dimwit governor of this state.  In the process bringing with them, the very covid virus they seek to get away from, sending the infectiion rates dramatically upward for local Mainers. Total, narcissistic irresponsible, carpet bagging assholes!

Infections here were almost non-existent even up till 2 months ago. Our bank lobbies were open, restaurants were open for sit-down, with the usual ridiculous 6' rule and a mask which does nothing to stop this infection.

Feel good measures at best.

A normal  life was returning for Mainers, but oh no these Chew-Zitz carpetbaggers are just too special. The law doesn't apply to them,

Sound familiar?

Why is it liberals fxck up everything they touch? 


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