WTS: Mosin Nagant Izhevsk 1943 M91/30 7.62x54R C.A.I. import ( Pics added)

Location: Northern Illinois

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P1060037.JPGP1060038.JPGP1060039.JPGP1060040.JPGP1060041.JPGP1060042.JPGAs Stated above I have a Izhevsk 1943 dated M91/30  Mosin Nagant  surplus rifle it has a varnished stock with surface scratches in the varnish all over.

otherwise the rifle looks pretty good.  It is not a sniper & it is not the hex reciever. It is just a plain "ole round receiver.

 Forgot to mention, all matching numbers, I believe.

Contact me here or call or text me at Seven Seven Three - 447 -  Eight thousand Darek.

$350 shipping included or FTF  in North or North-West suburbs of Chicago...

Something to think about: Just a couple years ago you could get one of these for around $100. A year from now

you will probably have to pay $450 - $550 for one.


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