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Not sure if this is the right place, but I need some help.
If this isn't the right forum, let me know and I'll post where more appropriate.

Recently found an M1AE2 (with the pistol grip stock).

The stock has several interesting cartouche's including "USMC".

I've heard that this stock is relatively rare and hard to find. I think that the stock alone sells for around 800.

The bipod and muzzle attenuator are genuine and not repo from what I have been able to determine.

The barrel is marked NM, pretty sure the sight are NM style.

The receiver is the old style with "7.62" markings.

I'm trying to help a family price some items left behind due to a sudden passing.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

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The M14E2 (M14A1) stocks are out there, during the 1980s a lot of them were sold as cheap surplus, but they were stripped...no hardware. To solve the problem a company made reproduction buttplates, muzzle brakes, and foregrips, they are very common. What is hard to find is the ORIGINAL buttplates and foregrips. The Walnut stocks are worth more than the more common Birch. The only cartouche on the stock should be a DoD eagle-stars stamp. USMC probably "added".

The repo muzzle brakes are very good. See arrows in the photo, note the angle of locking piece on the original. 

Note the "shaft" on the repro foregrip...its a headless nail.

M2 BIPODS: The brackets for the attachment jaws on original GI issue bipods were assembled by brazing and can be identified by a bronze color in between the joints. Aftermarket bipods were primarily assembled by welding. 

Is the rifle a semi-auto or select-fire? (machine gun) BIG difference in value. Early M1A receivers were marked 7.62-MM later 7.62-mm (lower case letter m). Because of new calibers made available, the later receivers did not have 7.62 on them. 

Images are from the book M14 The Last Steel Warrior II






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