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Looks like the "natives" found another excuse to riot and loot in Philadelphia last night. If someone could explain to me what stealing and burning down stores has to do with "protesting", I'd appreciate that.

Having grown up in the filthy, corrupt city of Philadelphia, this behavior is nothing new to me. Minorities have long had open contempt for LEO, and look for any opportunity to steal what they refuse to work for.

Generation after generation of worthless POS who live on welfare, complain about everything they don't like or want. But now things have changed, now they burn down buildings and destroy property to get what they want.

Ever been to North Philadelphia? I've been in war zones that look better. Absolutely disgusting living conditions. That's what happens when you give someone everything, instead of these people working hard for it like "domesticated", civil and law abiding folk do.

This systemic criminal tribal behavior certainly reinforces long held stereotypes for ghetto dwellers.

The left calls stereotyping racist, I call it realist or more succinctly...the unvarnished truth.

Kinda' hard to refute the thousands of YouTube videos that document this never ending criminal, ghetto behavior.


from the boonies of Maine.

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