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I acquired this on a trade with a PTR A3 rifle. Sold the rifle and now have the bayonet and no need for it. 

Would consider a partial trade on a M1 Carbine bayonet. 

Asking $275 shipped 

Send me a pm and can show feed back from other forums. 



This KCB-77 example was manufactured by A. Eickhorn GmbH, Solingen (AES).

Shortly after Eickhorn's 1975 bankruptcy, members of the Eickhorn family formed a new firm, A. Eickhorn GmbH & Co. für Schneidwaren und Waffen KG (AES) [in English, A. Eickhorn Company for Cutlery and Weapons L.L.C.].

Because GMS owned the squirrel trademark, AES developed the generic trademark shown on this bayonet:  three hexagons containing the letters “A,” “E,” and “S.”

When GMS went bankrupt in 1981, the squirrel trademark and other GMS stock were acquired by E & F Hörster GmbH & Co. AES obtained a license to use the squirrel trademark on bayonets and combat knives from Hörster ca. 1982–83. The 1984 AES catalog shows both the hexagon and squirrel trademarks. This bayonet is shown on page 3 at bottom left. Following Hörster’s bankruptcy in 1996, AES re-acquired exclusive rights to the squirrel trademark.


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