MG40 and M60

Location: indiana

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MG 40 is a colt re-watt, nice shape, you can see a spot on the side plate where the original blue was discolored from the weld, Run good the last his brother had it out and tried it before he passed 9 years ago. On a form 4 in Indiana Looking for $16500 with the first out of state transfer paid. Other pics available.


M60, original gun, maybe 2 k of live ammo through it since it was new, rest was all blanks. Right now the gun has a set of spade grips on it, but it comes with the original configuration of buttstock and trigger group. This is a maremount , saco maine SM-1x series s/n which anyone knowing about the m60's know they are not a parts gun. I am posting a pic just to show the basic gun, it needs put back to the normal config. which we will do.  pretty firm on $60k , The gun has a lot of accessories available as an option to buy, spare new barrels , feed chutes, door gun boxes etc, gun was not abused.


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Interested in m60 please send pm to mw@rockwallhonda.com 

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