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WTK: Help, Hornady 55gr & 40gr Urban TAP pricing? Pics!

Location: Portland, OR

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Hopefully someone can help me understand what this stuff is selling for or would sell for?

I purchased this back in 2002 from McWillis @ TROS, never used it so thinking of selling it. Unable to find any pricing?

Thanks guys, any help would be appreciated!




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I would say around $20 per 25 round box would be reasonable but it depends on how much individuals want to pay. Just my thoughts, Rodney

55 gr. TAP URBAN®

The Hornady® 223 Rem 55 gr. TAP Urban® offers high velocity in shorter barreled firearms. It offers similar performance to the Hornady® 40 gr. TAP Urban® bullet with increases in penetration and retained weight. These factors make this bullet a good choice when collateral risk is high but the possibility of barrier penetration is also present.

Intended for use in a 1-7"-1-12" twist barrel.

Performs optimally in a 1-9"-1-12" twist. ­­

Ballistic Coefficient: .255­

20 round box ­ 

*All 223 ballistics gelatin shots were taken from 30 feet.*­

Gelatin Results 223 REM 55 GR TAP URBAN®223 REM 55 GR TAP URBAN®

Bare Gelatin: 55 gr TAP 2910 fps 16" bbl. 

1/9" Twist


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