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I'm back in Virginia for a medical evaluation this week. Unfortunately, I heard of Mikes passing while without internet service in Maine. Matt Heck notified me by text. I could go on for paragraphs about Mike, but right now I'm just too sad.

Mike not unlike me was a cranky old guy who sometimes stepped over the boundaries of civil behavior, but he always came back and apologized and made it better.

I wish I had a fraction of Mikes personal knowledge of this hobby we all love so much. His knowledge was vast and he didn't mind sharing it either.

Inside that rough edge was a kind, lonely and generous man. For those that didn't know Mike...well you really missed out!  He was a real character.

Mike was a mans , man, a scholar, albeit a little rough around the edges, but a gem and gentleman none the less. I'll miss him and our late night discussions about guns, life, liberty and cancer.

Young men, take care of your health. Get tested regularly. No-one is immune and the sooner detected the better your chances of a recovery.

God  speed my friend, I'll miss you.


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Mike was a good one, for sure. He will be missed. 

Hope you're doing well, R.L. How are you liking Maine so far?

in Liberty,


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Maine is a beautiful state. People are friendly there and the population is about 99% Caucasian. Whitest state in the Union. Or was I not supposed to say that? Oh well. English is the official language spoken along with a little Canuk, the closer you get to Canada. EHHH?

All of the citizen's in Maine are NOT liberals as some believe and the gun laws are few and far between. Portland, Bangor and Bath are the magnet cities for the fruit cake soy crowd. I live in the boonies above Skowhegan. Tons of Trump signs everywhere. Maine is not unlike other states with liberal legislators, the tail wags the dog in Maine also.

Far more Patriots in Maine than the libtards will admit to!! Actually more of "us" than "them"!

I'll have internet service when I return to Maine. Wifey got some kind of string and tin can service.

Thanks for the post, stay well.



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I'm glad to hear that you are liking your new home.

Long ago, I had a buddy who lived in Presque Isle. Not sure if he is still there or not.

Take care, R.L. 


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