Farewell to my Sturm friends....for a while anyway


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It's been a long rewarding association for me here at Sturm. Met a lot of great people since Andy, David and Buddy opened the doors here over 20 years ago. I'll miss being here until we get internet service. Whenever that is.

Somebody please keep an eye on my friend Mike Todd to make sure he's ok. Been checking in on him on a regular basis, but it won't be so easy now until I get a service provider up North.. Matt Heck, I'm leaving you in charge of the Mike Todd check in routine.Send me text updates about Mike if you would.

Seems like we've been working on this move forever, but finally the time has come. Moving trucks are coming next week, and a new life in Maine. Unfortunately there is very little internet service in the rural part of Maine we're moving to.

We've heard in a year or so we'll have hi speed cable available, but that's a long time at my age. In the mean time I need to build a new shop and then transport all of my equipment so I can stay busy. Gonna try ice fishin', snowmobiling and being a lazy ass for a while. I figure I'm due after working since I was 15yo!

I set another personal milestone today after 44 years in business. We did our last drilling job today. Kinda' weird knowing you'll not be swinging all that heavy gear another day in the future. 

Not sure how it's going to feel not waking up at 3:45 am now. I hope I don't end up like a lot of my railroad carman brothers that died within 6 months of their retirement. I'll stay busy until my time is up.

My best to you all,

God bless you all and this great country

Talk to you all sometime in the future......hopefully.



Welsh Warrior.

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My best regards to you, Amigo.

Take care and see you later.


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Thanks Kris.

Keep up the good work and the endless fight against worthless liberal maggots trying to destroy this country!

Remember when the scumbag, anarchist commies start up their attempted "armed" (Laugh, laugh) soyboy takeover in November after the election, head shots , no mercy!!!

Time for a "deep cleanse"!!




Bob Leyshion, Jr.

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You’ll be back in no time R.L. ... we will hold the fort down until that time comes. Safe travels my friend. 

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa

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