Springfield Stevens Model 87M $950

Location: Naples, Fl

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This is a Springfield Stevens Model 87M aka "gill gun and "click clack" from it's odd operation, in excellent condition. These rifles if you are reading this as you know are rarely seen and not a lot of data has been available. I have attached the information I have been able to obtain but as seen in the link even Savage doesn't have a lot of information due to a fire and losing many records. The following is what markings, numbers and patents are on this particular model I have.
It appears to have an original lightly varnished finish, I have seen pictures of oiled and varnished specimens. I have not fired it and it has been in storage for over 50 years and belonged to a relative. I have lightly cleaned off the surface dust and gave it a light coat of oil, otherwise it is unmolested. I did remove the action from the stock to obtain pictures and numbers which will follow. The bore is clean and shiny. The rifle is complete including the leather sling and swivels.
Patent numbers on the barrel are; 2094577-2223093-2224758-2271576 you can view these online here;
Under the butt plate #18
Under the handguard #732

This is an article from a man who has done a lot of research on the 87M and even has a description from Savage with a letter attached. I have contacted Savage who stated they have closed their archives and all records and historical information is being transferred to a firearms museum in MA.

This is a blog spot on people who have an 87M and their particular numbers and markings which is interesting but almost leaves more questions than answers on these rare rifles. #54 pages of comments, opinions and conjecture.





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