WTB: MG34 parts kit and cut receivers

Location: Texas

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Thought I would bring my search to this forum, as the title says I will entertain any offers involving mg34 kits and or cut receivers (very interesting in 3 piece and saw-cuts)

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I have a kit on Ebay with a saw cut receiver.  Even though the kit is non matching serial numbers everything will assemble on a dummy or rewelded receiver.  Just search MG34 kit on  All NFA RULES APPLY. I essentially retired early through a Reduction In Force and need to begin selling off any parts kits or guns. Unfortunately being 60 years old I am having a tough time finding work. I believe my start bidding price is $2750.00 with a buy it now option available. I just dropped the price $200.00. If it does not sell I might pull the receiver out and sell it separately. It has been in my collection for years and hate to see it go but have to put food on the table.. Happy Hunting

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