WTB: NOS Colt M16 uppers and parts

Location: Haymarket, VA

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Looking for the following Colt uppers and parts in NOS condition from the 70's, 80's and early 90's. I'm willing to purchase single items or entire collections just shoot me an e-mail or PM and let me know what you have available. Thank you!

1. Colt 11.5" or 14.5" A1/A2/C7/XM4 carbine complete upper assembly's.
2. Colt M16 bolt carrier group's (early gray/dark gray finish).
3. Colt M16 bolt's
(early gray/dark gray finish).
4. Colt Gen 1 vinyl coated carbine stock assembly's.
5. Colt Two (2) position carbine receiver extension's.
6. Colt receiver extension lock ring's.
7. Colt carbine buffer's
8. Colt carbine action spring's
9. Colt 6 hole carbine hand guards (early single heat shield)
10. Colt A1 grips
11. Colt A2 grips (early type)
12. Colt grip screw and lock washers.
13. Colt A1 upper receiver's (early gray/dark gray finish).
14. Colt A2 upper receiver's (early gray/dark gray finish).
15. Colt C7 upper receiver's - A1 field sight w/ A2 brass deflector (early gray/dark gray finish).
16. Colt 11.5" or 14.5" A1/A2/C7/XM4 carbine barrel assembly's.
17. Colt charging handle's (early gray/dark gray finish).
18. Colt A2 Delta Ring's (early gray/dark gray finish).
19. Colt A1 flash hider's
20. Colt A1 lock washer's (for flash hiders).
21. Colt A1 front sight post's
22. Colt bolt catch's (early gray/dark gray finish).
23. Colt M16 Auto fire control group's.
24. Colt M4/A4 removable carrying handle - early gray finish.
25. Colt 20/30rd magazines.

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