Brent Bowman

WTS: Low Cost 7.62x51 ammo

Location: Boise, Idaho area

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45 auto, 5.56 and 7.62 x 51 ammo for sale: (I'm cleaning out walk in safe for a move)


  • 5.56 Remington UMC 55 gr FMJ in 20 round boxes. 260 rounds for $135.20 plus $15.00 for shipping. ($0.52\round). Sold pending funds
  • 1120 rounds of 7.62 x 51 South African R1M1 ammo. Nice ammo in 140 round waterproof battle packs. Cost is $728.0 plus shipping. ($0.65\Round) Will also sell in 140 round battle packs for $98.00 per battle pack ($0.70/round) plus $15.00 shipping. Sold
  • 7.62 x 51 Malaysian L2A2 146 gr FMJ in 300 round ammo cans. Made in approximately 1981. Cost is $195.00 per 300 round can. ($0.65\round). Shipping is $15.00\can. Sold
  • 45 auto manufactured by American Ammunition in the USA. 230 gr copper coated bullets in 50 round boxes. 400 rounds for $100.00 ($0.25\round) plus $16.00 shipping. Sold
  • Santa Barbara 7.62x51 Ball ammo. (Spanish Military Surplus which is great ammo) 120 rounds for $72.00 ($0.60/Round) plus $12.00 shipping.
  • x
Payment by check, money order or credit card.
Please contact me with any questions. Cell\Text 208-484-1583, or email

Thank you,
Brent Bowman
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