Robo called by PWC, Virginia!!!!!!


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These communist mother******s from the Prince William County gov. called my home phone today with a robo call to remind all residents you must wear a mask and on and on about covid.


FUCK YOU BLACKFACE KKK HOODED ASSHOLE NORTHTURD!!!!!!!!! Stay out of my business,ya commie bastard.

And at that point my launch sequence was initiated and I hung up on these STAZI  FUCKS pretty hot!!!!!

Imagine we are now being harassed at our homes to "cooperate" with the communist Northturd "regime".

Guys... we truly  are headed towards a communist government .

I can't wait to get out of this shithole state.

God help us if these commie retards turn over the White House.

Please guys get out the vote and vote TRUMP.

If not.... no soup for you. Say good-by to your weapons.



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R.L. I must say you get more automated calls from the government then any else I’ve ever spoken to... I’m glad I do not receive them. 

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