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Hey all - I am currently on the waitlist to join Fairfax Rod & Gun Club - located in Prince William County, Virginia.

Just wanted to put the feelers out in the community and see if there are any current members that are in the market to sell their membership? I grew up in the area and have wanted to join for years. Been looking for a place to take my father, family and pass on the tradition.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Just a thought and maybe you have already done this:

Place an ad on Craigslist?

or even on your local Armslist too. Just a thought, because you never know where you might find the right person looking to sell.

Hopefully you find one soon and avoid those darn Waitlist.

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Cell #’s 503-720-2280 or

Heckler & Koch weapons, Colt M16’s and Pre 86 Dealer Sample weapons.

All items posted for sale, are in inventory and NFA items are on Form 3’s ready for transfer.




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Great point, Dscheid NFA! I'll try that as well. 

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