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WTS: 1919 Machine Gun Package, Form 4

Location: Texas

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Group Industries built Browning 1919A4, registered on Form 4, in Texas, with extensive package of supporting gear and parts.


Package includes the following;


  • Browning 1919 machine gun, Group Industries receiver. Configured to shoot .308/7.62 ammunition and runs very well with any full-power load, including steel cased.  Park finish is in very good condition, with a few blemishes typical of a machine gun that is over 34 years old.  Trunion is in excellent condition and has been run with cloth belts, not steel links.
  • Heavy tripod: Very good condition, steel construction, turret and elevation locks, geared elevation adjustment, articulated & expandable legs.  This is a very stable shooting platform, capable of rising to a tall, comfortable height and controlled, accurate fire at targets out to 1k yards.
  • Light tripod: Very good condition, aluminum tubing, geared elevation adjustment, articulated & expandable legs Israeli MAG-58 tripod, soft-mount with 1919 adapter blocks.  Soft-mount reduces rate-of-fire slightly.
  • 1918 dated John Browning belt loading machine, WWII model, set-up for 7.62 NATO, excellent finish, includes wooden storage box. 30 new-old-stock cloth belts. 20 light-use, good condition cloth belts
  • 4 new-old-stock, 7.62 NATO, 1919A4, chrome-lined barrels, 20”.  1 used, good condition barrel.  1 new-old-stock, 7.62 NATO, short-barrel assembly with booster and jacket.  Spade grip, carry handle, A6 stock.
  • Various spare parts including; trigger bar, bolt return springs, booster, barrel extension, bolt, grip, various small parts/pins/screws.

I prefer to sell this in Texas for ease of transfer without packing and shipping the numerous pieces.  Price for the whole package is $18,500, 100% upfront to start the transfer.  Buyer pays shipping costs if we cannot meet in Houston/San Antonio/Austin/Dallas to exchange the accessories.   








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