WTS: Dyer built all factory German HK 23E $65K

Location: North Carolina

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This transferable HK 23E is on a form 4 in NC. It is in excellent/like new condition and comes with accessories and spare parts listed below. This gun started with an excellent condition, double pushpin, German HK 1 converted and registered by Metrotech LTD in McHenry, IL. I sent the host to Terry Dyer, the preeminent HK gunsmith in the US. I purchased a factory new HK 23E from Mark McWillis of TROS USA. He demilled the receiver and sent the demilled post DS directly to Terry , who worked his magic to create this beautiful factory correct transferable 23E. I had a lesser quality 23E and a MM23E sear host, so this beautiful example lived life as a vault queen and was test fired only. Please review the pictures for evaluation of the condition.

This package includes the following factory German HK 23E accessories: 21E/23E manual, assault grip, belt box and rare belt box carrier.

This package also includes the following factory new German HK 23E small parts to insure that this platform will run for your lifetime and the lifetime of your children: locking lever for feed mech, feed mech catch, barrel safety catch, firing pin, extractor, ejector and a pair of rare titanium rollers.

This gun is on a form 4 in NC. Transfers in NC can go directly to the buyer, otherwise I will pay for the first transfer to your FFL/SOT dealer. Payment up front to get the paperwork started. I am not looking for trades. I will pay for shipping and insurance. Everything but the receiver can go directly to the buyer if you want it shipped  that way.

I am on YouTube as mbell556 if you want to check me out.

Thanks for looking!

Dyer 23 E 002.JPG

Dyer 23 E 003.JPG

Dyer 23 E 006.JPG

Dyer 23 E 007.JPG

Dyer 23 E 008.JPG

Dyer 23 E 009.JPG

Dyer 23 E 010.JPG

Dyer 23 E 011.JPG

Dyer 23 E 012.JPG

Dyer 23 E 014.JPG

Dyer 23 E 015.JPG

Dyer 23 E 016.JPG

Dyer 23 E 017.JPG

Dyer 23 E 018.JPG

Dyer 23 E 019.JPG

Dyer 23 E 020.JPG

Dyer 23 E 021.JPG

Dyer 23 E 025.JPG

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I have 21E and 11E conversion kits and lots of accessories and spare parts that will be available to the purchaser of this 23E. I will not market any of the extras until the buyer has a chance to pick through what he may or may not want. Any of these extras will be at a discounted price if sold with the gun. Thanks for looking.

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