Dan Perez

Various Muzzle devices/adapters for sale (Surefire/AAC/YHM/Gemtech)

Location: Texas

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All shipping USPS Priority mail.
Payment via discreet Paypal or USPS Postal Money Order are accepted (MO will have to clear before item ships).
The used item(s) are used but not abused.

TROS-USA ½ x 36 mp5 3 lug adapter - USED
$40.00 shipped

Surefire MB762-211C – NOS
$160.00 shipped

Surefire FH556-212A – NOS
$160.00 shipped (each)

Surefire MB762SSAL/RE - NOS
$115.00 shipped

Surefire MB556K – NOS
$160.00 shipped

Thunder Beast 338BA muzzle brake 3/4 x 20 - NOS
$125.00 shipped

Gemtech Multimount Uzi Adapter - NOS    
$100.00 shipped

AAC 51T flash hider, 5/8 x 24 (no shim kit) - USED
$75.00 shipped

AAC 18T brake, 5/8 x 24 (no shim kit) - USED
$60.00 shipped

YHM Phantom QD brake, 1/2 x 28 - NOS
$75.00 shipped

(2) YHM QD mini muzzle device - USED
$40.00 shipped for both. - SOLD













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Posted (edited)

I'll take these: (2) YHM QD mini muzzle devices - USED
$40.00 shipped for both. Paypal sent, thanks.

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