Who made this MG34 flash hider?


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I received a really rough looking MG34 flash hider. I can't find any markings on it. It looks very roughly made vs the ones I've seen photos of which were machined. 

Sorry.. for some reason the images won't post correctly.. here are the links




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My 2cents call is, I would say its just a "recovered" assembly. over the years I have seen many parts from digs, basements and other sources that were dug up and someone applied finish to whats left. many will end up looking like a bad casting.  years back someone left a COMPLETE MG-81 Z twin inside my gate that looked just like this hider. it was cleaned and everything moved except the rollers on the carrier. 

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Ahhh.... That could explain it.. possibility it was on a booster housing so the threads didn't didn't get too corroded, but the rest of the body did.. though I wouldn't have thought the stamp markings would get corroded off.

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