Winchester US Rifle 1917 Enfield

Location: Naples, Fl

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This is a Winchester 1917 US Enfield rifle 1918 mfg. serial #125498. The metal on this example is excellent, the wood is dimpled throughout and the wood figure and color is a medium dark brown but VG for 103 years. It has all the classic marks and as I am not an aficionado, interested parties may be able to find other marks and I am happy to look.  *This rifle is uncleaned (except for the bore, which is bright/shiny and has excellent rifling) and will remain so and I will not disassemble the rifle in any way to search for numbers or marks, it has been stored for over 40 years in a climate controlled safe* clear pictures of the below marks are available on request to interested parties. This will ship to your FFL for $1450.  a 14 page detailed history is here;
Stock marks; OGEK/CIRCLE P/7AWI"not clear"/on buttplate O/under buttplate on wood B, 123/ under buttplate on metal B, triangle over W.
Bolt; Ord. bomb/R
Receiver; Ord. bomb/Circle Star/eagle head
Barrel; 1-18,Ord. bomb,W. bayo lug W. Front sight W, The bore gauges @1, unable to gauge throat.




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add pics

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price reduction to $1250 shipped or FTF in SW Florida $1200

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