WTS: Transferrable Collector Grade IMI RR UZI

Location: Florida

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I'm selling one of my IMI UZI's that have been brought up to full SMG spec. I wrote most of the conversion article for the UZItalk library a long time ago and some of the pics I used in the library are of this gun.

It was converted and registered by Bill Fleming as a RR and removal of the bolt blocking bar was expertly done.

That was all Bill had done. When I got it, it still had the semi barrel restrictor ring, semi markings and had a modified semi lower.

As you can see from the pics, it is about as close as you can get to a factory SMG other than the serial number. I had sandblasted it when I got it, parkerized it, had it re-marked and then used Norrell Moly resin on it.
It takes all SMG parts. There is nothing else you need to do to it.
I know it has Model B sites but I personally like the Model B sites over the Model A even though I think I've maybe zero'ed it one time and never touched it again.

I also have the original box and the serial numbers all match with the box, warranty card and manual.

I'm also including:
(10) NIW IMI mags that were made for the German military
Extra complete ratcheting topcover if you don't like the Docter equipped one
The lower has my CNC machined extended mag release
If you don't like that, I'm including a complete German select fire lower.
Israeli made FAB defense rail system
Also the original grips if you don't like the rail system.
Custom 3 lug IMI barrel
Additional unmodified barrel which is used but bore looks excellent and I think it is of South African origin.

Asking 17K on Form4 in Florida.
Buyer pays all taxes and shipping. (obviously best for a FL resident)
















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Not that it really needs to be said for anyone who’s ever been in the Uzi community, but amphibian is a stand up guy.  He and I have communicated multiple times about the nuances of how different full auto firearms work and how to tune them.  He is also one of the better posters on arfcom.

Buy with confidence.

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Thanks for the kind words! 

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Robert is First Class. I've known him for 20 years. 

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Robert is a great guy! I have known him for years. My only complaint is that he always has faster times than me at the local subgun match!

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