MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)


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On 10/14/2020 at 9:01 PM, Ryo said:

Machining one doesn't seem cheap either.. Seems like I need to get a top cover just for the screw which defeat the purpose of getting the screw.

As for the BRP 308 Conversion.. Yes I did get a chance to kind of run it. The kit comes with a new pawl for the 308, booster, guide to screw into the magazine tray to fit 308 rounds and the barrel.  The barrel weighs 3.58 lbs, lighter than the 8mm barrel, as expected. I didn't get a chance to drill the tray so I used some 3M VHB adhesive tape that held on just enough to run a belt of Malaysian 308 surplus.  It seem like it ran it just fine. On the one belt halfway and it stopped running. I opened the top over and discovered that it had a empty 308 brass jammed inside the chamber, causing the bolt to not be able to slam forward. I unstuck it and fired the rest of the belt without issues. The guide fell out right as the last round was shot out.

edit 2: I just double checked the video and needed to make some major corrections.




Did you get the Lafayette Tripod adapter from TNW?

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